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  1. Donation made for group

  2. Donation made but not sure if any further registration required. Link didn’t work for me

    1. Please Contact Bjarki Clausen on Facebook to be added into the teaching group. we need to know your facebook account to add you.

  3. When you have made the donation please contact bjarki Clausen on facebook. we are working on fixing the group settings on facebook. at this point we need to manually add you to the group.

    1. Please add to mentoring group, link would not work for me. God Bless

  4. Just felling things out in hopes to get reactivated in a calling I shutdown long ago do to the amount of expectations on me from all sides

  5. Thank you! I have made the donation. Is there a schedule?

  6. Hi I am also asking to join this group and have made my payment. Thank you! Please send schedule so I can put in calendar. God bless!!

  7. I’ve join the mentoring program. Please send me how the program works. Thanks!

  8. Ka thao send bjarki Clausen A message on facebook

  9. Please add me to group, link I was sent to would not work. Thank you

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