Whitemoor Prison in UK March 20-24 2017

In March 20-24 Bjarki will go to Whitemoor prison and spend 4 days with the Kairos prison ministry in UK

Kairos ministry is based around short courses. These are run in prisons with the co-operation of the chaplain or outside prison to reach out to prisoners’ families.

Changing hearts:During the initial Kairos event, Kairos volunteers serve as God’s instrument through which His love, grace and mercy are expressed to the participants in a real and profound way. God begins changing hearts.

Transforming Lives: Following their course experience, participants are encouraged to take responsibility for their life choices and their relations with God; they are invited to engage in small accountability groups. Kairos volunteers continue to return monthly to provide mentoring and guidance through these accountability groups. It is here that Kairos participants begin to replace old ways of thinking with new and they learn they are not alone on this journey. They realize there is a hope for a future. The prison environment begins to change; family relationships start to heal…..God is transforming lives.

Impacting the World: As the Kairos community inside a prison grows and begins to gain influence, the incidences of violence decreases. Participant prisoners who are released re-enter the outside world with a God centered, perspective and focus on becoming productive citizens. Female family members find support, strength and encouragement. Youthful offenders acquire new God centered values and change their direction in life. Families are reunited with a hope for the future.

Your donation help cover costs for flights and hotel and expenses while serving in UK for a week.

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