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Your testimony builds faith!

In this ministry we pray and minister to so many and so often God is moving and doing so great things in our lives. It can be such a blessing and faith builder for others to read about what God is doing around us. so here are some feedbacks, endorsements and testimony´s we have been sent over the years.


Bjarki I do pray that someday we will get together in Iceland. It was nice meeting you. Because of your desire to preach the gospel, become acquainted more and more with the holy spirit who will lead and guide you, and use you powerfully.
God Bless you. All the best​
Benny Hinn


Matthew Robert Payne: Bjarki once gave me a prophetic word that has such keen insight to my life and suffering and gave me such hope for my future. The word was very deep and very stirring typical of a powerful word from a prophet in his office. I have known Bjarki now for a number of years. He became a friend and then grew closer and closer to me.

I have found him to be very understanding and supportive of me, a brother I have never met in person and I have found that his management of the prophetic groups on Facebook to be beyond reproach.
He has a ministry that cannot be compared to many others. I strongly recommend this ministry.

Nicol: I’ve only been following Bjarki since December, but the words I have received have opened my heart and my ears even further to God. I do more than just pray and sow, but I have been taught a deeper dimension of faith and expectancy. This has been hard, because it seems the devil tries to cause more pain, when you are even closer to God and support those who are close to him. The teachings are inspirational, and the prophetic words as well. I was even able to prophecy over Bjarki!!! I felt such a strong urge to tell Bjarki what I was feeling, and I received positive feedback.. It is amazing what we can do, when we trust the Lord and trust ourselves with Him

Lee Hurst Bjarki´s .Prophetic Words have been accurate,timely and.very encouraging, I thank you for allowing yourself to be used by the Father and pray that He may continue to bless,guide and use you, my brother and friend in Christ, Grace&Peace unto you always.

John Michael: Few I know in the Spirit have a heart like Bjarki so filled with Jesus and the passion Bjarki has to know Him and serve Him….God has surely put His hand upon him….May the Lord continue to encourage you Bjarki as you have selflessly poured yourself out to serve others…I remain, your friend and brother in the Lord Jesus of Nazureth…Thank you for all you do…

Katrín Helga: I got a word from Bjarki that came in when I was in doubt of a decision or a step that I was about to make. I believed that I was in God´s will but somehow in the everyday noise, the enemy had doubt planted in my mind and I was about to give up. Then the Lord used Bjarki´s gift to speak directly into my life and I immediately went right on track again : ) Bjarki Thank you for serving in the Kingdom of Heaven on earth : ) You are an outstanding vessel that the Lord can use to directly speak to people and this saved me so much trouble at that point in my life. Thank you and God bless.

Trina Joy: Bjarki Thank you for praying for my family & the ministry!! The prophetic words you continue to speak to us always come to pass…….blessings to you in Iceland from Texas!!!


Bronwyn Betts I came into Bjarki´s ministry with great sceptism. So many people are out to glorify themselves wrapped in the garb of righteousness. However, I was far FAR more blessed than I expected to be by the very accurate words. I rarely ask for things for myself so this was a gift that touched me. The day before I asked for a word, I was at the church singing praises to the Lord by myself at the top of my lungs, feeling a great sense of closeness to the Lord. The next day, I received a message through Linda Martin, that “I see your heart giving such praise to your father. I see it raising up to the father creating an altar to the Lord. And throughout the message, I was told perfect love cast out all fear, a message I’ve been giving to all those around who will listen. My second word was equally as blessing. Thank you to all the prophets who are willing instruments for the Lord. You rock!



Joey Kevin McCaskill Ahh good. Right on time!! I was looking for something like this thread for today. About a year ago today, I began practicing my prophecy gift, in this group. Little did I know then, that my ears were QUITE SHARP, to later accomodate the office of the Prophet. Prophesying became JUST THE BEGINNINGS, of a ministry, where I am a pastor (Shepard of the flock) and do more than just prophesy. I don’t see anything that Paul encouraged or that Jesus did, that seems impossible for me to do as well. In fact, I do MOST OF IT, on a regular basis. It all started RIGHT HERE, in this group, and a ministry far better than I ever would have imagined, came from it. Thank you to the admins and prophets of that time, who stood behind me and encouraged me as I GREW MY WINGS to emoticon February 10 at 3:21pm · Edited

Leslie Lecours I forgot about the financial blessing post!!! I back filed and claimed my adult son who lived with me. I’m getting back the month/year of his birthday exactly. I know that’s God saying it’s from him. Also this is my troubled son could be he’s saying I got your boy! I also went before the city asking for reinbursement for a sewer back up. They’ve never approved that ever and approved 1/2. I also met someone on city council the weekend prior to the meeting met him by Gods divine hand!!

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  1. I was only eighteen at a time I was taking a walk in the woods to smoke some pot I sat down put my pipe down and wrote a letter to what they called God. I then asked who I who I thought was God if he was real to please show himself the Holy Spirit showed up and gave me the Plan of Salvation I asked the Lord into my heart and my whole life changed I was so angry it to God’s word I thought Jesus had just died three years to me giving my life to the Lord God has taken me on a journey that is far beyond any dreams or drugs I could ever taken amazing I love him

  2. This website I’ve gotten two words from and they have encouraged me tremendously the hold on to the Lord I actually found this website by accident but I don’t believe in accidents I believe that God somehow directed it so I would be encouraged daily my seeing others getting words is cursing me to walk in my gift of the prophetic

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